Futura Heavy

How to generate Futura Heavy from Futura Md

  1. Download and install FontForge
  2. Launch FontForge and open "The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Fonts\futura.ttf"
  3. Quickly go to File, Preferences, Generic and set AutoSaveFrequency to "0" (prevents constant crashing)
  4. Select Encoding, Compact
  5. Go to Element, Font Info and change only the following values:
    1. PS Names, Fontname "Futura-Heavy"
    2. PS Names, Family Name "Futura Heavy"
    3. PS Names, Name for Humans "Futura Heavy"
    4. OS/2, Misc., Weight Class "900 Black"
    5. OS/2, Panose, Weight "Heavy"
    6. TTF Names, UniqueID "Futura Heavy, Geometric 221"
  6. Select Edit, Select, Glyphs with only Splines
  7. Shift+left click the "€" symbol to deselect it (it's present twice and we only want to modify one)
  8. Select Hints, Clear Hints
  9. Select Hints, Clear Instructions
  10. Select Hints, Remove Instr Tables
  11. Go to Element, Style, Change Weight and use these options:
    1. Embolden by "90" em units
    2. Auto
    3. Serif Height "0"
    4. Fuzz ".9"
    5. Counters: "Auto"
    6. Select Cleanup Self Intersect
  12. Go to Element, Transformations, Transform and use these options:
    1. Set the first box to "Move" with X "0" and Y "175"
    2. Set the second to "Scale" with X "94" and Y "104"
  13. Go to Metrics, Set Width and use these options:
    1. Scale Width By "96"
  14. Select Element, Add Extrema
  15. Select Element, Round, To Int
  16. Select Hints, AutoHint
  17. Select Hints, AutoInstr
  18. Go to File, Generate Fonts
  19. Use a name of "futurah.ttf"
  20. Set the output type to "TrueType"
  21. Click Save
  22. Click Save (it's not worth the trouble to try to fix the remaining "errors")
  23. Install the resulting font to your system

Note that this configuration, specifically the Transform step, results in a font that looks pretty bad for general usage. However, when used in TSW, it looks fine.