Available Missions

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Available Missions modifies the Mission Journal to have two new entries in the dropdown: Available Missions and Tracked Missions.

Available Missions: As you roam through the world, nearby missions that you have not yet completed will automatically be added to this section so that you will not forget to complete them. They will be removed once they are completed. Please be aware that this will include hidden missions such as seasonal or faction missions that are currently unavailable. However, these hidden missions will not be expandable, so you will not be able to peek at the details.

Tracked Missions: Simply click the new "eye" icon on any completed, repeatable mission to add it to the Tracked Missions list. Now you can more easily track important mission cooldowns in one place.

The current version is 1.4.



Mission Info is a modification to the standard UI element GUI/MissionJournal/MissionJournalWindow.

To get started, first create a working folder called Available Missions under "The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash". Then copy the following files to the new folder:

  • The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\Sources\GUI\MissionJournal\MissionJournalWindow.as
  • The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\Sources\GUI\MissionJournal\MissionJournalWindow.fla

Now create a GUI folder under AvailableMissions and a MissionJournal folder under GUI. Then copy the following file to the Mission folder:

  • The Secret World\Data\Gui\Customized\Flash\Sources\GUI\MissionJournal\JournalWindow.as

Available Missions folder setup




Upon opening this file, you should see that the Futura-HeavyFix, FuturaStd-BookFix, and RussellSquareStd fonts are missing and need to be mapped. If you've followed my environment set up guide, you'll map these to Futura Heavy/Heavy, Futura Md/Medium, and RussellSquare/Regular respectively.

We'll be needing some of the common assets added to the Mission Journal for the new buttons. They are stored in the Sources/Components folder. First, open up your new copy of MissionJournalWindow.fla, then open Buttons.fla and Mission_Components.fla from Sources/Components. A series of copies, pastes, and moves will get us what we need:

  1. In the Library of Buttons.fla, find ViewButton and copy it
  2. Right click the buttons folder in the Library of MissionJournalWindow.fla and paste
  3. In the Library of Mission_Components.fla, find modifiers/_Icon_Modifier_Lock and copy it
  4. Right click WindowComponent in the Library of MissionJournalWindow.fla and paste
  5. Back in Mission_Components.fla, find missions/buttons/_Icon_Mission_Raid and copy it
  6. Back in MissionJournalWindow.fla, right click WindowComponent and paste again
  7. Still in MissionJournalWindow.fla, find buttons/_Icon_Mission_Raid and drag it to the MissionIcons folder
  8. In the popup, choose "Replace existing items" and click OK
  9. Right click MissionIcons/_Icon_Mission_Raid and choose Properties
  10. Check the Export for ActionScript box
  11. Set the Class to "gfx.controls.Button"
  12. Click OK

Now is a good time to take care of the Font Embedding settings as well. Don't forget to save your changes!




To create the .swf file:

  1. Go to File, Publish Settings
  2. Change the Output file to "..\MissionJournalWindow.swf"
  3. Uncheck Include XMP metadata
  4. Click Publish


To create the .swf file:

  1. Go to File, Publish Settings
  2. Change the Output file to "AvailableMissions.swf"
  3. Uncheck Include XMP metadata
  4. Click Publish


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