Expert Levels (1-10)

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Please note that some of the tips on this page may be obsolete with the recent game updates, and the official forums for the game are probably a better source for more up-to-date info.

These levels are hard. Brutally, uncompromisingly hard. Here are some tips:

  • Get all the Perks and don't forget to pick the right ones for each level.
  • If you don't get an absolutely spectacular gem layout at the beginning, don't waste your time - just restart the level.
  • Always take advantage of the Technical bonus. Set all technical Perks to the same layout, whichever one you find easiest to nail every single time.
  • Stun-lock is an important skill. Having characters who can stun for 8 total turns means reducing the threat from one enemy per stage to zero.

01. No Heal Gems: I Need A Doctor!

No Heal Gems: I Need A Doctor!

For the first round, just take the enemy out before he spawns any helpers. For the other two, take out the outer two enemies first, stun-lock the center and use poison to dish out the damage.

Time Distortion - 1/3
Next Wave - 2/3
Next Wave - 3/3
Clara Oswald +

02. (Time Attack) Run

(Time Attack) Run

This one is very, very hard. You only have 120 seconds for four rounds, and each enemy only takes 1 damage per attack. A good team is based around several needs - lots of HP, lots of Heal, and the ability to easily trigger all characters to attack. Every round, the strategy is the same: trigger all characters to attack (convert gem colors if needed), heal as much as possible, and avoid combos and chains (they take up too much time).

Time Distortion - 1/4
Next Wave - 2/4
Next Wave - 3/4
Next Wave - 4/4
Amy Pond +

03. Poison! Bombs!

Poison! Bombs!

For me, the key was stun-lock and luck. For each stage, I stun-locked one of the pair, hoped the other would poison or stun repeatedly, and cured the poison every other turn. Oddly, there don't seem to be any actual bombs in this level.

Time Distortion - 1/4
Next Wave - 2/4
Next Wave - 3/4
Next Wave - 4/4
River Song +

04. Angels


I found stun-lock and a lot of luck to be the key here. In the second and sixth stages, being able to keep the enemy permanently stunned means no possibility of failing the stage. Luck comes into play with the actions of the enemies. If they attack much, you may not be able to cope with the incoming damage, but if they spend turns locking and shifting the gem board, you have time to dish out your own damage and prepare your characters for stun-locking.

Time Distortion - 1/6
Next Wave - 2/6
Next Wave - 3/6
Next Wave - 4/6
Next Wave - 5/6
Next Wave - 6/6
The Ninth Doctor +

05. One Shot

One Shot
The First Doctor +

06. Great Intelligence

Great Intelligence

This one is extremely easy if you have the correct setup. Just make sure you have 8 rounds of stun, some poison, and the resist stun perk.

The Second Doctor +

07. High Defense!

High Defense!

This one needs poison if you don't want round three to take forever, color change, and heal. Surviving 8 rounds until stun is enabled is the hardest part, and really just takes some luck with the gems. If you can fire off one match per round, you should be able to knock out one of the first pair so that their attacks don't blow through your health. Then it's just a matter of stunning the attacker and focusing damage on the other.

Time Distortion - 1/3
Next Wave - 2/3
Next Wave - 3/3
The Tenth Doctor +

08. Amnesia

Time Distortion - 1/10
Next Wave - 2/10
Next Wave - 3/10
Next Wave - 4/10
Next Wave - 5/10
Next Wave - 6/10
Next Wave - 7/10
Next Wave - 8/10
Next Wave - 9/10
Next Wave - 10/10
Sarah Jane Smith +

09. No Blue Gems: Save the World!

No Blue Gems: Save the World!
Time Distortion - 1/3
Next Wave - 2/3
Next Wave - 3/3
Rory Williams +

10. (Time Attack) Steel Soul

(Time Attack) Steel Soul

This one requires some of the Season 5 skills to complete. The goal is to turn the whole board one color for maximum damage. One example: the combination of Adipose (Yellow), River Song +, and Jimmy Wicks Ganger will turn the entire board yellow. Add to that an increase of damage like Elizabeth X and the horizontal line perks for even greater damage. My strategy was to use the poison of the Sixth Doctor while waiting for all skills to become available, then unleashing everything at once. In the first round, there's plenty of heal, but be sure to get rid of all the stones - don't accidentally leave one or two. In the latter two rounds, use stun when necessary to get some heals in.

Time Distortion - 1/3
Next Wave - 2/3
Next Wave - 3/3
Strax +